No filter no tricks, pic taken under the same light conditions in the same corner:) the healed picture is of a very freshly healed tattoo so i will tone down a touch and i added a little bit of detail to the mane and the eyes. Super happy with the result! Understanding the limitations of skin let's you make it work in your favour. And of course good damn ink helps a damn lot i'm not sponsored by them but it is good product as you can see for yourself so I can happily recommend it! Catch me This weekend! Exited to work among all the incredible talent that is going to be there!

Vik BaltrusaitisVik-C

Now we know it’s not even been that long since our last flash day but you’re gonna love this. Save the date – Sunday, March 24th. We’ve teamed up with and two other studios across Scotland to do something epic. £30 Sailor Jerry flash tattoos. We’ll have over 100 designs to choose from and it’s first come first served. This will be VERY set numbers but with 4 artists doing this epic event, plenty will be seen. We’ll be sharing an event soon explaining everything!!!! Yes. We said £30 tattoos. Yes. We’re mad. ————— —————

Jo GrayJo-C