Thanks for visiting Studio XIII Gallery Tattoo & Piercing ( Studio Thirteen, Studio 13 ) located on the historic Royal Mile, which runs between Edinburgh Castle, the home of the Edinburgh Military Tattoo, and Holyrood Palace.

Our gallery features original art, prints & collectibles by some of the finest tattoo, graffiti, rock, skate, surf & underground artists, including Robert Aalbers, Ami James & Chris Garver (of the Discovery hit TV show, Miami Ink), Paul Rodgers, Ed Hardy, Sailor Jerry, Derek Riggs, Yoshito Nakano / Horiyoshi III, Filip Leu, Lyle Tuttle, Jack Dracula, Doc Forbes, Tattoo Peter De Haan, Crazy Philadelphia Eddie, Henning Jorgensen, Alex Binnie, Mick from Zurich, Sabine Gaffron, Robert Hernandez, Mike Rubendall, Joel Ang, Jeroen Franken, JB Marks, Erik de Haan, Dale Sarok, Agustin Cavalieri, Kim-Anh Nguyen and many more! Items of interest include: original acetate stencils, Burmese tattoo kits, Ming dynasty porcelain and Thangkhas painted by Tibetan monks exiled from Nepal! See the gallery section for the latest exhibitions, events and Edinburgh Fringe Festival happenings.

On the tattooing side, we specialise in custom tattoo work, enhancing and refining your ideas to give you the ultimate, one-of-a-kind original tattoo design you desire! We also have thousands of ready-to-go tattoo designs to choose from, a vast reference library, and internet access to help achieve your tattoo dreams. Browse the artists’ profiles to see the highest standards of tattoo art. Stop by or call the shop to schedule a free, no cost consultation with the artist of your choice. Some of our favourite tattoo styles include, but are not limited to, colourwork, black & grey, traditional, pattern work, dotwork, mendhi style, mandala, Polynesian and Maori influenced tribal, watercolour, neo-traditional, Japanese, Scottish/Celtic, tribal, biomechanical, cover-ups, portraits, realism, fantasy, wildlife, etc. Anything you can imagine, we can turn into a world class tattoo! Remember, in tattooing, there are no rules but the ones you make for yourself!

Our experienced team of body piercers will make you feel at ease, and conduct your procedure in a quick and professional manner. They are extremely knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. They will make sure you get the right jewellery for the piercing, in the right size, made from the finest materials (we only use titanium). At Studio XIII, only the best will do. We have a huge jewellery selection in stock, if you’re looking for a new piece, and we can special-order anything you may be after. We also offer the latest in single-point piercing, surface anchors and microdermals.

Hygiene is of the utmost priority at Studio XIII Gallery, Tattoo & Piercing. We use vacuum-sealed hospital-style autoclaves. Needles are individually sealed until use, dated and certified sterile. All pigments are single use only, and comply with the strictest European Union standards for sterility and shelf-life. Antiviral agents are employed to ensure all surfaces are contamination free. We are regulated, inspected, and licensed by the Edinburgh Council Department of Environmental Health.
We also sell cool T-shirts. They make great souvenirs or gifts, as do our gift vouchers, which are available in any amount you may like to spend.