To make a piercing appointment, please use the following link: Book a piercing

Walk-ins are not available, unfortunately, but we do post cancellations daily on our social media stories for customers to have the chance to take advantage of last minute availability.
To make a tattoo appointment, we first require you to complete the tattoo enquiry form and once we have given you a price for your design, you can call to pay a deposit over the phone, come by in person or, after arranging an agreed date with the reception you can book on our website using Paypal.

As well as cash, we accept most major credit cards. You are also able to pay with Paypal.

You must be at least 18 years old with a valid photo ID to get tattooed!

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deposit required for an appointment taking between 1 and 3 hours


deposit required for an appointment taking 3 hours and longer

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