To make a piercing appointment, please use the following link: Book a piercing

Walk-ins are not available unfortunately, but we do post cancellations daily on our social media stories for customers to have the chance to take advantage of last minute availability.
Clients bringing children/minors for piercings will be permitted into the studio with them. If they are over 13 years old, the parent will be asked to remain in the reception waiting area. Please note, other family members/friends will not be allowed to come in to the studio. This includes younger siblings! Similarly, if you are getting a piercing, please do not bring your children or babies as they cannot wait unattended in our studio reception area
To make a tattoo appointment, we first require you to complete the tattoo enquiry form and once we have given you a price for your design, we will give you your artist’s details to pay a deposit.
You must be at least 18 years old with a valid photo ID to get tattooed!



deposit required for an appointment up to 3 hours


deposit required for an appointment taking 3 hours and longer


deposit required for an appointment taking a full day

If you have missed your appointment, or failed to notify us in the required time period, the artists may ask for a larger deposit to secure the booking again in the future.