• Remove bandage after 2 hours.
  • Do not re-bandage.
  • Wash gently with soap & water, pat dry & apply lotion.

Repeat 3 times daily.

 Healing time is 2-6 weeks. Healing is affected by many factors including personal hygiene amount of sleep, food, drink and drugs.

Do not scratch, scrub, soak, swim, tan, shave or sunburn your new tattoo. At best, your tattoo will flake and peel like a sunburn. If scabs form, do not disrupt them in any way, as this may cause loss of colour.

Remember, your tattoo cannot look after itself, We recommend Easy Tattoo Repair Cream, which we sell or E45 for healing tattoos: Savlon is antiseptic and may be too strong, causing colour loss – it should only be used in case of redness.

Preparation H is for piles, not tattoos. Don’t listen to your friends, the guy in the pub or the chemist. If you have questions please consult us in person so that we may see the condition of your tattoo as soon as possible and recommend the best course of action.

DO NOT use ITCH RELIEF E45. This will ruin your fresh tattoo.

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